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The process of having a piece of furniture upholstered is as follows:

1) You must determine whether or not the piece of furniture you have is worthyof the investment...does it have a frame that is well-constructed?

2) You need to get an idea of what kind of fabric you want. For an estimate text me a photo of what you need upholstered 714-222-0911. If you agree with the price come to my shop to choose a fabric. The processes of choosing one fabric, from thousands, can be overwhelming. Here are some tips
for getting started:

a) Come with ideas. Bring along a throw pillow, magazine pages, or photographs of the room where the furniture will be.

b) Consider what sort of fabric you want (canvas, tweed,chenille, velvet,vinyl, leather) and the usability and/or durability the piece needs. You can check our sample books out to see how the fabric looks in various lighting in your home.

After you choose a fabric, it is brought to our shop in Huntington Beach.We strip the old fabric off,we check the frame and the springs for problems,
we then start cutting and sewing the material. The next step is to apply the fabric to the piece, if the fabric is a matching pattern this takes a keen eye for detail. We fill all cushions with new foam if needed, we add trim like double welt or brass nails, we then touch up all the wood.

The like new piece is now ready for delivery!


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